Urban Land Institute 3Q Forecast

A bit of optimism

The ULI semi-annual Real Estate Economic Forecast survey of 43 economists and analysts at 37 real estate organizations said the recovery will likely start next year and be even more positive in 2022, though growth will likely vary by sector. Real estate market conditions and values should hold up much better than was expected six months ago, with industrial real estate and single-family housing expected to perform best.


Don't forget:  An Economist is an expert who will know tomorrow why the things he predicted yesterday didn't happen today.”  

Take a close look at a property’s Net Operating Income and Capitalization Rate before buying.  Most investors are quite familiar with the standard formula in income property valuation:  Value = Income/Capitalization Rate.   Most income properties are offered with a stated capitalization rate.  Sometimes it is based on the owners most recent historical income and expense statement or based on the real estate agent’s pro-forma.  There are some important issues to consider: Read More
Property valuation is defined simply as the process in which the economic value of real estate is determined by establishing the price at which an informed seller would willingly sell their property to an informed buyer. Doing an accurate property appraisal relies entirely on collecting data methodically and accurately. There is no one universal way for Daytona Beach property appraisers to determine a property’s value. Instead, we utilize three different valuation approaches – continue reading to learn more. Read More
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